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Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our site.  We specialize in small business websites.

We are here to provide small business with an affordable means to a web presence.

We build no-nonsense, down to business sites designed to get your business it’s most desired result.  The most desired result in any business is a sale.  That is what we strive to deliver to our customers.  RESULTS!

We believe that consumers, while finding flashy websites entertaining are not at a site to view the artistic splendor of some creative webmaster.  They are there to obtain information. 

Our sites are built to give them what they want without being distracting or hard to navigate.  We strive to expertly design and create a website that is impressive, cohesive, well laid out, fast-loading and easy to use.

A web design should be equally balanced in regards to:
Attractiveness—look and feel
Load Time—optimizing design for website size
Friendliness—easy to use, navigate, and read

No undue emphasis should be placed on any one factor.  There is little reason to overload a site’s page with slow loading, distracting graphics and images. 

Here at NowYouAreOnline.com we want to not only build your business website we want it to make you money. 

We don’t want to build a site that becomes just a large advertisement for your business.  We want your site to be your best marketing tool. (as it should be)  see What a Small Business Website Should Be