Do I Really Need a Website?

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                                                              Do I really need a Website for my business?




If your business does not have a website it is losing business to a competitor who does.  Don’t have any competition—if you are making money you will.  If you don’t have competition and you are not making  money—find something else to do. Unless your business is a new idea you are going to have competition.  If your new idea business does make money—get ready for competition. 
If a business has four competitors, the business with the website will probably do more business.  Today’s consumers are in a hurry, as are we all.  They do not have time to physically go store to store searching for what they want.  It is easier to set in front of a computer and search. So, what are they looking for?
                INFORMATION!                 INFORMATION!                     INFORMATION!
Hmmm? Lets see..uh, well hmmm? Wait...waaaaiiitt..... here it comes......
And the answer is YES.  Let me say it again.  YES. Yes your business should have a website. That is a Yes, period. No doubts. No questions. Oh! Wait! There is one exception but we will get to that later.
Today more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their answers.  Who does this?  Who has this for sale?  Where do I find this?  Who will be there to answer their questions?  Will it be you or will it be your competitor(s)?
I have been know to look up a product just to see if a particular store had it in stock before I drove the 5 minutes to get there.  Time is precious!  Make the most of it.
The advent of smarter and smarter cell phones gives the consumer more opportunity to search for what they require.  If they came into your brick and mortar store looking for something you would be at the door waiting to provide them with an answer.  They are out there looking, asking, searching.....Answer them.  Stand out of the crowd and yell, “Hey!  Here I am!  Look at what I can do!”
A small business website is like having the world’s greatest salesman.  All day long it is selling your business, your products, your services.  It never sleeps.  It never calls in sick. It never ask to leave early.  It never takes a vacation.  When that man or woman that is looking for what you provide comes home from work late, your website will be there all night to provide them with the answers they are looking for.
A small business website can level the playing field when it comes to big business.
A good website can make a small business appear larger than they really are.
The consumer does not know how large a business you have from looking at your website.
A small business website gives the appearance of stability to your business.
I am here and I’m not going anywhere. 
A small business website is perhaps the greatest marketing tool to date. It has seemingly endless potential.  It can:
Sell your business
Sell your services
Sell your products
Be a large advertisement
Give you customer feedback
Tell you what your customers are looking for
Help you keep your current customers
Send you new customers
Keep your business on the minds of your customers
And much, much more…
A small business website can influence potential customers.  Often times it is the first influence the consumer is presented with, sometimes the only influence with which the consumer is presented—lucky for you!  It is your representative.  It is your chance to make a sales pitch. 
Oh! I almost forgot.  They only reason NOT to have a site is...If your website hurts your business.  A poor designed site is worst than no site.  You only have one chance to make a first impression—Why not make it a good one?
Why not let us build your site for you?  Depending on your needs we can usually design and create
a website for under $1000.00.  If your needs are small probably $300 to $500.

Regardless of whether or not you hire us to do your site; please read the "Professor's" article on
What a Small Business Website Should Be  

Also the Professor recommends "THE PROCESS" page.  It  explains the steps you should take
in preparing to create a small  business website, regardless of who builds your site.

Email any questions or comments you may have. 

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   "More business is lost every year through neglect than through any other cause"
            Jim Cathcart