What a Small Business Website Should Be

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What a Small Business Website
Should Be
The internet has lots and lots of terrible sites—bad designs, slow load times, confusing content, busy, distracting backgrounds, broken links and graphics, poor navigation, no contact information, spelling and grammar, and on, and on, and on.............THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR SITE.
Your Small Business Website Should Be perfect but alas there is no such thing as a perfect website.  You can not please everyone so it should be perfect to as many viewers as is possible.  How do you do that?  Give them what you think they want.  Have a form the viewer can complete telling you what other information they would like to see on your site or ways in which you could improve your site. What would you want your site to be?  You have to ask your self, What are viewers looking for?  The answer is INFORMATION, of course!  Every small business website needs to have the following:
WHO YOU ARE.  Clearly state your business’s name and what products or services you provide right on the home page.

It should be easy to type it into a web browser.  Probably should be a .com domain (as most people are conditioned to type that extension).  If possible obtain .com, .net, .org extensions just in case the user types in the wrong extension.  You can have all three domains pointing at one site.

SITE MAP  Easy to follow links are a must.  You want clear links to the main or most important pages.  A site map is a page listing all your pages usually in an outline format, much like an index at the back of a book.

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.  Don’t make it difficult for your customers to contact you.  If you are a brick and mortar store your address and phone number should be on every page.  A page giving directions to your business should be included if you sell from a fixed location. 

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS   People love to hear what others think about you and your products.  Testimonials make your product more tangible to those customers visiting online.

LOTS AND LOTS OF FRESH CONTENT Not only fresh but quality content.  Your business website provides the first impression to most people.  Make it a good one.  Give them what they are looking for, maybe even a reason to keep coming back for more information.

TELL YOUR VIEWERS WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO. Call for a free quote, email me with any questions, sign up for e-zine, follow us on twitter, facebook, signup for special deals or whatever.

I suppose that we could go on and on about what your site should have or not have.  Basically your site should inform the viewer, persuade the viewer, motivate the viewer to act, and make it easy for the viewer to act.